Math Mastery  -  MATH95

Math Mastery is an online section of MATH 0095. In this section of the course, you will work one-on-one with your teacher through our web-based system. The pace of learning and achievement is determined by you, the student. The course content is the same as for other sections of MATH 0095.

There are many ways that this section is different from some other online courses offered by Fairmont State.


Math Mastery is a mastery-based course. You may complete a lesson on the first try, or you might need to work with the teacher for a while to complete the lesson. What really matters is that you finally master the content of the lesson. This way, you will always be well-prepared for the next lesson.


Math Mastery is completely self-paced. You will work at the best speed for your own personal learning style.


You will be working with an online teacher whose only goal is to help you understand the concepts taught in the course. The teacher will normally grade your work within 24 hours.


You can work on Math Mastery any day, at any time. The course is open 24/7, from any online computer that runs a recent version of Internet Explorer. No special software is needed.


To earn course credit, you must complete all of the lessons and then score at least 36 on the COMPASS test. Of course, the lessons are specifically designed to build the skills you need to excel on the COMPASS test!


Course grades are calculated by the method described here.


To begin working on the lessons, click on the hyperlink below. On the lessons page, work on the in-progress lessons (in yellow) and then move on to new lessons (in red). Do not move on to new lessons if you have four in-progress lessons to finish.


Click here to open the Lessons Page


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